Gateway to current and future positions in the luxury sector

INSEEC U. Luxury gives you access to higher education’s fullest, most innovative program offer for positions and careers in the luxury sector.

In 2017 over 600 students chose one of INSEEC U’s programs, recognized in France and internationally for their excellence and high academic requirements. These students have been joining flagship luxury companies for over 20 years. INSEEC U. Luxury offers three courses: a Bachelor’s degree, a MSc and an MBA enabling you to specialize after a 2, 3 or 4-year higher education diploma or after a few years of professional experience.

Our offer includes general programs on managing companies in the luxury sector, or more specialized programs focusing on marketing and communication for luxury brands, in addition to programs targeting specific sectors: fashion and accessories, the hotel and hospitality industry, tourism, jewelry, watchmaking, cosmetics, food, or wine and spirits.

Becoming a good professional in the luxury sector requires strong sales, management and cultural skills. Each diploma develops the skills and know-how for the relevant positions. Starting at Bachelor’s degree level, INSEEC U. Luxury leads you to excellence in retail and sales positions in a field where, over the last 20 years, specialized shops have become the perfect setting for the luxury experience.

In all its programs, INSEEC U. Luxury ensures a balance between the culture of luxury by developing in-depth knowledge of this special universe, and specialized training delivered by professionals and closely connected to a network of companies, partners and INSEEC U alumni.

INSEEC U. Luxury offers cutting edge programs related to the specific issues facing the luxury sector currently and looking forward: digital, multichannel, experiential, sustainable development and globalized management.

INSEEC U. Luxury is recognized as the most innovative institution for its pedagogical methods. One of the most noteworthy innovations is our “e-movie Learning” to date a unique method worldwide. Through the Monaco World Luxury Symposium, we benefit from state-of-the-art research into the changes in luxury marketing. INSEEC U. Luxury is the reference of choice for luxury companies and brands


Jean-Noël Kapferer

Our programs

Programs in continuous training: 8,000 people trained in 2017

The INSEEC U. Luxury also offers training at the service of professionals in activity in luxury brands, all over the world.

Thanks to training programs dedicated to the universe of hospitality and to luxury, Luxury Attitude has trained, since its creation more than 75,000 people in the world and accompanies the finest prestige luxury hotels and luxury hotel groups (Plaza Athénée, Crillon, la Mamounia, les Sources de Caudalies…) and luxury houses (Vuitton, Dior, Breitling, Kenzo, Mont Blanc, Roland Garros…) in the success of their companies.

In 2015, INSEEC U. is innovating by proposing the 1st online training course to work in a luxury profession: Luxury Attitude Academy.

Since 2010, Customer Experience completes the Luxury Attitude offer by extending it to companies in all sectors of activity wishing to distinguish themselves by offering excellence of service and performance (Nespresso, BMW, Thalys, HSBC, Air France, Galeries Lafayette…).

Our campus

City branding: presence in towns that showcase luxury brands on the world stage.

INSEEC Luxury’s strategy means we are located in the key centers for luxury worldwide, today and looking to the future: Paris, Monaco, London, Geneva, Shanghai, New-York and San Francisco.

Research Center

Internationally renowned marketing research professors joined the research center, like Gilles Laurent et Jean-Noël Kapferer.

INSEEC U. Luxuryhas innovated by launching, in April, 2014 in Monaco, the 1st world symposium devoted to luxury, sponsored by the Journal of Business Research.

This first edition gathered together more than 200 researchers and professionals of the sector, and the symposium will be held every 2 years.

More informations on the 2018 edition